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Invictus Atlantic

Our crew of four is from the gig rowing community in Cornwall and former members of the Royal Navy.  We have all lived and worked in West Cornwall, and all four of us continue to have strong ties to the County. We’re proud to work with Cornish charity Invictus Trust in support of adolescent mental health in Cornwall, and honoured that we row in their name, as Invictus Atlantic.

We aim to raise over £100k for the Invictus trust by rowing the Atlantic In December 2024, the crew of Invictus Atlantic will compete in a 3,000 nautical mile crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from La Gomera in the Canaries to Antigua. Along with 40 other boats and crews from around the world, we will row for 2 hours on and 2 hours off, day and night, for a period of approximately 6 and 7 weeks. We carry all necessary provisions from the start accepting no outside assistance during the crossing and prepare to battle the Atlantic Ocean, its storms, 40ft waves, sleep deprivation, and each other!


Media coverage is generated by the race organiser Atlantic Campaigns’ communication agency, a dedicated race media team, supported by the input of the crew of the Invictus Atlantic. Mainstream media platforms include worldwide reporting by press, media and journalists, television networks broadcasting from over 100 counties and global on-line digital media.
For the 2021-22 race social media platforms included Instagram which was one of the most popular ways of following teams in the race, You Tube which generated well over 2 million views in 53 countries, and Facebook whose Facebook Live had over 2.3 million live views, Instagram. In 2021-22, over 150 live videos reached over 2 million
individual viewers.

Some Facts

Each crew will row in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes during the race

In the 2019 race Team Fortitude IV achieved the fastest 24 hours ever with 107.45 nautical miles covered

The fastest row across the Atlantic was in the 2017 race when the four man team The Four Oarsmen finished in 29 days, 14 hours and 34 minutes

The waves that the rowers experience can measure well over 40ft high!

The first Atlantic race was organised by Sir Chay Blyth in 1997.

This year’s race will have the largest entry of 45 competing boats.

The average rower can lose up to 12kg during a crossing, Rowers burn over 6,000 calories per day!

There is no toilet on board – rowers use a bucket!

In the 2018 race, solo rower Kelda Wood (Row 2 Raise) was kept company by a whale for nearly 7 days

About Invictus


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Current Projects

Recovery College Cornwall is an exciting new initiative in Cornwall to help people with mental health
issues move from being a patient to a student, and gain independence in their recovery journey.
“ Enabling recovery through learning, hope, and opportunity”
There will be a huge range of free courses that people (16 years +) living in Cornwall, experiencing
mental ill health, can access – these courses help young people to identify and manage their mental
health challenges allowing them to live the life they want.
Invictus is proud to be one of the funding partners of this new Cornish project. Our initial funding
has helped this European Project bring over a £1m of funding to Cornwall,
to improve the mental health of people across the county.
Invictus Trust have partnered with Clear Counselling, who are experts in adolescent mental health support.
Our joint mission is to make profesional counselling support easier, quicker to access, and free for
any young person aged from 11 to 21 years who live in Cornwall and are struggling with
mental health issues. This service is available to young people now and they can self-register with
Clear by email or through the usual social media channels